Wednesday, 29 June 2011

More On Foreign Languages

A previous post ago, I suggested a website wherein you can have a crash course on French at your own convenience. Now, using a Samsung unit running on Android, Basics on Foreign Languages has been made less difficult!

First of, Samsung Market offers free "to-English" Dictionaries. Using my VERY limited knowledge in French, I found the free French/English Dictionary very comprehensive yet student-friendly. NM/NF, VT/VI are all in place, as well as grammar construction. I am certain that for other languages (at least for major languages) Samsung's Dictionaries will deliver satisfacorily.

Secondly, Android Market offers an app of its native company that surpasses expectations. Google Labs' Goggles, amongst its other awesome features, can translate any written document with a single camera capture. It's not perfect yet - but it's better than your expectations. Believe me!

A handy app called Tourist Language Learn & Speak offers basic sentences on almost all European and American languages, ranging from "number one" to "how are you" to "can you take me to this location". The Read Aloud feature will let you learn how to read and speak basic phrases. Its French phrases are OK so far.

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