Thursday, 28 January 2016


*UPDATE* Season 3 is here! So far I've watched in-depth episodes on Climate Change, wars, drugs, the environment, and a horrifying show of "baby farms".  In one episode, My idol Rand Paul speaks on the dangerous effect of police militarization and the drug war. Going against the Republican/Conservative dogma, we are put into perspective that political machismo is not only dangerous but stupid in modern society.

*UPDATE* Season 2 is up, and it kicked off with the controversial money-mill of US Rehabilitation programmes in Afghanistan. No doubt this season will not disappoint - so check out the playlist below!

VICE News is an independent international news organisation tailored for our internet generation ( VICE on HBO are 30-minute features (produced by one of my idols Bill Maher). Currently, they have uploaded their first season, with Episode 1 featuring The Philippines: "Assassination Nation" alongside Afghanistan - both countries using kids for political wars. This episode is, of course, very intriguing and shocking to me as it hits close to home (very close, as one of the politicians shown is Rufus Rodriguez, my city's congressman). Episode 10 culminates the season with an interesting visit to North Korea and finally meeting their leader face-to-face.

Please watch the entire season in YouTube and continue the support for independent journalism! (Some of their journalists are detained, so our support is very much needed).

Vice on HBO: Season 1

Vice on HBO: Season 2

Vice on HBO: Season 3

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