Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Why I believe Mayor Duterte is not ready for presidency

Finally, I have a platform to defend why I am not for his presidency: ABS-CBN News - Duterte under fire for cursing Pope Francis

It's not the manner on how Mayor Duterte said it. Heck in some sense I applaud for his brashness against the Catholic Church which I feel has gone uncontested far too long.

But please think on what he actually said and understand his mindset. Is he that arrogant to not give special attention to Pope Francis, or another sensitive example, to Pres. Xi Jinping should they visit Manila just to accommodate his Filipino machoism and humble bragging? What if these persons get assassinated just because we wouldn't want to let common Filipinos get stuck in traffic for 5 hours? Or we leave a such humiliating welcome (or lack thereof) that they would cut diplomatic and economic ties with the country? If I may give a reminder, The Philippines just cannot be simplified to Davao City - no matter how poor we do have international presence. Mayor Duterte maybe headstrong domestically (although I have my doubts, but that's another post), but he drastically needs training on international diplomacy . So I am sorry to say but I just couldn't picture him as our next President.

Oh and by the way, it is common (sense) practice to have almost a week of standoff during state visits and international summit. When I was in Nice during a G20 summit the airport was shutdown for days. Road traffic was blockaded until off-hours during the state heads' arrival [DW; Riviera Times] So yeah, Philippines is not the only one. We really are not special, like really!

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