Friday, 19 February 2016


DISAPPOINTED in the Filipino youth, for despite being provided with all the information and global connection at our fingertips, we still cannot treat people equally without prejudice. Remember when we are outraged that richer nations views all of us as only fit to be Domestic Helpers, or people with fairer complexions calls us monkeys? And that just came from an unfortunate uneducated Twitter or Facebook post. Imagine if you are considered less than animals the moment you are born, or the moment you form sexual preferences or identity, or the moment you stepped in another country with an unfortunate circumstance of being poor and less knowledgeable. If you have no empathy on what it's like to be the "lesser person" in your lifetime, then you don't get to be on the high horse and think you are justified in your bigotry.

DISAPPOINTED with Nike, the nation's LGBT community and anyone calling for boycott. Our country (and US's) is a democracy and freedom of speech is a facet of our national identity. Intolerance of intolerance is just that, and YOU ARE PART OF THAT INJUSTICE. Everyone has the right to their opinions and beliefs no matter how stupid or gross. Everyone has the right to make fun of you. Everyone has the right to be offended and provide a counter argument. Everyone has the right to vote whoever represents their stand on issues, and equally everyone has the right to run for office even if their platforms and foundation are opposed to yours. What you have no right is to take away their livelihood, be a sportsman or a comedian, because of what they are or what they believe in.

DISAPPOINTED in my fellow countrymen, for not understanding the importance of separation of Church and State after more than a century of theocratic colonisation. We should evolve to wise voters where our politicians make decisions using legal precedence, scientific facts and fairness to all constituents. If one invokes God or whoever idols you put in the pedestal today, any debate is basically over. Is their religion, lifestyle, hometown, and parentage still the basis for our election? And we ask why our government and society is failing?

- these are my grievances on this issue

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