Tuesday, 2 September 2008


Report No. 9: Mountain Building and Orogenic Processes
by: Aguirre, L.; Cabatuan, J.; Gironella, F.; Maamo, F.; Olavides, M.
10 Sept. 08, 01:00-2:00 PM at AVR 5, SBM Bldg, XU

Downloadable handout is now available: Mountains HANDOUT
Updates (11 Sept 2008):
  1. additional info on mountains
  2. folded and fault-block mountains differentiated
  3. additional notes on characteristics of mountain belts
  4. additional terms on accumulation stage
  5. pictures for subduction zones
  6. lithologic zone deleted
  7. pictures for uplifting and block-faulting process
  8. guide questions

Other files:
This is a copy of the write-up (no illustrations): Mountains WRITE-UP

References and Additional Readings: