Sunday, 28 August 2016

Better, Less Expensive Chilli Crab?

Visited my Trip Advisor account and I almost forgot I reviewed a restaurant when I visited Singapore as a tourist 3 years back: No Signboard Seafood: Expensive, but very good chili crab. Since then, I never went to other restaurants for chili crab. The Vivo branch is still the most comfortable for me, I hope the space have not changed since 2013. I went to Geylang branch a year after that, and boy was it crowded! I couldn't remember if the price are cheaper since it's an open-air restaurant. Last year, I brought a huge group of friends in Clarke Quay branch, and after that I started to get disappointed - they charged for every pack of wet tissue which were already placed in the tables. It wasn't much compared to the huge bill for the chili crabs, which made it more annoying.

Maybe this year, it's high time to explore other places for cheaper menu?