Sunday, 9 January 2011

Playing Around With ArcGIS

With the gigantic software that is ArcGIS, I do admit that it is easier for everyone to just pinpoint and draw areas with Google Earth. Converting GE shapes into shapefiles became a necessity, of which I did with ease, although I did a little workaround:

  1. an ArcScript that converts KML files to shapefiles by Jason Parent which can convert a file or a group of files in a "folder". I had no problem when converting points.
  2. DNR Garmin by DNR-Minnesota which I used to convert one polygon at a time into a feature. Not that convenient but it beats having to redigitize the area in ArcMap all over again. Using this application I noticed GE puts an empty string on the first point of the polygon.

EPubs And Why I Am So Into Them

So I recently had an Android unit, and jumped right away into saving my .pdf books there. Nothing beats the convenience (and just the awesomeness of it) of ebook readers. Unfortunately, ebooks come in different formats - and PDF is just not one of them. Luckily, I do have some books that comes in EPUB. =D Enjoy!