Sunday, 7 March 2010

Other Parts of a Thesis

ES 23 BE Chapter 06: Other Parts of a Thesis

by: Amintao, J.; Borong, M.; Gironella, F.; Tolitol,J.; Young, J.

05 Mar 2010, 09:30-10:20 AM at E 302, Eng'g Bldg, XU

The written report has the complete resources, including descriptions, explanations, examples and their analysis. Examples presented in class can be found at the appendices part of the report. Download written report: Other Parts of a Thesis Paper (Written)
Downloadable Powerpoint presentation (minus the examples): Other Parts of a Thesis Paper (PPT)

References and Additional Readings:
Memorial University Libraries
•Thesis writing by Dr. Panopio (PPT Presentation, November 2009)
Sir Peter's book that I failed to copy the title/author
•XU College of Engineering The FYPS Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines (2006)
•Sample Abstract from Nabua, et. al (2010)
•Samples from Lo (2009)
•Sample CV from Lo, Oreta (2006)

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