Thursday, 19 August 2010

Water Shortage Risk Index

CETE 02 B Midterm Exam: Water Shortage Risk Index
by: Gallamaso, J., Gironella, F., Santos, G., Tolitol, J.

This is our attempt in expressing water shortage risk mathematically, in the simplest way possible. Unlike most disaster risk index, we have added a time variable.

Any criticisms and suggestions are very much welcome. We will attempt modelling water shortage risk using this index at a later time, when the formula will be corrected.

Downloadable Write-up: Water Shortage Risk Index

References and Additional Readings:


Anonymous said...

The formula you made are great..i hope you'll research about water shortage more so that your formula would improve.. i know you can improve this formula.. and i hope that we would use your formula in determining the risk on water shortage because its really a big problem today

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