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Reigns Game of Thrones

Now that Game of Thrones, the HBO series, has ended - I am looking for an alternative to appease my GoT cravings. One of those is the little gem that is the Reigns Game of Thrones, available in Android. 

Reigns is a role-playing game wherein the player gets to play a ruler character. In the Reigns Game of Thrones version, the player gets to play Daenerys, Tyrion, Jon Snow, Cersei, Jaime, Sansa, Arya or Gendry, with the final character card of the Three Eyed Raven who is played to finish the game. In order to get the characters, I followed this guide.The game is a binary format: the player gets to pick out of two choices for each situation. Each choice will have impact on one or more of the 4 aspects of ruling the realm: Power, Faith, People and Bank. In order to survive, the 4 aspects must be balanced - maxing out or running out with one of them will result in a scenario of death. There are 29 destinies to be met, so far I have 28 of them:

Memento mori
  1. More Wine - play as Cersei. Have wine when presented the chance.
  2. Daenerys' Flight - Play as Daenerys. Choose to leave for the Wall or to Mereen.
  3. Arya's Neck - Play as Arya. When meeting Cersei, spare her life.
  4. Rusty Throne - When you die during winter.
  5. Walk of Shame - When your Faith runs out.
  6. Faceless Man - When your Faith is maxed out.
  7. Wildfire Bath - When your Power is maxed out.
  8. The Pole - When your People is maxed out.
  9. Greyscale - When your Power runs out.
  10. Kiss of the Lover - When you allow Maria Sand (House Martell) to be your lover for the night. Also when your Bank is maxed out.
  11. Forty Swords - When your Bank runs out. Also when your are recognised at the Tavern.
  12. Lost Underground - When your People runs out.
  13. Mad Revenge - Play as Cersei. Someone will say the Mountain has been found dead. Reply 'I needed him'. Your Grand Maester will ask for his body to be revived. Accept and when the Grand Maester appears again regarding the Mountain. Tell him 'I need him'. Try to 'Fix Him' then later on, your Grand Maester will say the Mountain killed your Queensguard and is charging at you.
  14. Nine Ravens - Play as the Three Eyed Raven. Head beyond the Wall and a White Walker will try to kill you. You will be saved by the ravens.
  15. Twins Embrace - Play as Jaime. When Cersei is been spotted, capture her. Go for the Trial of Cersei and instead of killing her, choose taking the poison with her.
  16. In the melee - Keep on losing in a battle. Also, when a Black Brother say 'you are needed on the Wall now', decline. Then at night, something approaches. Approach the chest then duck to your right.
  17. Sad Revenge - Play as Jaime. Arya will appear and ask you to play her 'game of faces'.  Play the game and whatever you choose, you will be pushed thru the window.
  18. Shadow Lands - When your Lord of Whispers (Lord Varys for me) says there is an assassination attempt on you, choose the affirmative. A handmaiden will then say that your guard has been attacked by a manticore. Call your Lord of Whispers and he will suggest a bold response - they will act that the assassination succeed and you will be hidden. Agree on this and your Lord of Whisper will betray you and you cannot go back to your throne.
  19. Butterfly Fever - A handmaiden will say a gift for you from Naath has arrived an offer to open it. Choose to open it yourself.
  20. Fangs - Accept a gift from Lady Mearow (House Tyrell) where she will say "don't worry, it's sedated". Also, when you play as Cersei, go to Winterfell. Go for the hunting expedition and do not leave everytime you are asked. Scream when you encounter Nymeria.
  21. Bloody Throne - Kick the bloody raven.
  22. Broken Things - Joust during the tourney. Keep on losing in the joust.
  23. Silent Sister - Play as Sansa. Agree to a Septa will say 'would you like to get away from all of this?'
  24. Dragon Hunger Play as Jon Snow. When Raeghal arrives, choose to shout Raeghal and attempt to face him. DO NOT FLEE.
  25. Bitterness - Play as Daenerys. Accept refreshment from the Handmaiden. Also, when you get a cough, do not accept treatment.
  26. Gendry's Curse - Play as Gendry. Melisandre will ask to discuss things further tonight and reply 'Do you know what I want' and she will answer 'Delights of all kinds'. Select yes.
  27. Tyrion's Bliss - Play as Tyrion. When Arya appears and ask you to play her 'game of faces', accept. When the courtesan appears, first she will ask why did you kill Shae, respond, and she will say 'you are bad at lying'. Say 'you are very attractive'.
  28. Far Away - After surviving winter, your Master of Whispers will ask if you want a simple life. Accept.
  29. Remembered - When you will have a cut in your finger, do not accept treatment.
The objective of the game is to survive winter, and to aid you with that, each character has his/her Special Ability. I followed this guide to survive winter. After the main game is finished, you will be asked to reset the game or continue playing. There are other subplots and secondary objectives you can complete, I have complete 51 out of the 55 objectives:

Royal deeds
  1. The Mother of Dragons - wake up Drogon by saying "Dracarys"
  2. The Magnanimous - hear a request from the North. Play as Tyrion or Jaime. Sansa will appear asking to buy wildfire - accept.
  3. The Fool - witness an expected use of wildfire. Play as Tyrion or Jaime. After The Magnanimous, someone will say The Twins blew up. Sansa will appear again she blew it up with wildfire.
  4. The Hidden - enter the Tavern
  5. The Dazed - win a tavern brawl.
  6. The Witty - arrest the killer of Cersei's men. It's the Septon (he cannot look you in the eye).
  7. The Drunk - remember Pentos. Play as Tyrion. Lord Varys will ask you if you remember what you said to him at Pentos. Say 'remind me again'
  8. The New Queen - replace Cersei on the throne. Play as Arya, kill Cersei when you encounter her.
  9. The Swift - catch a cat. Play as Arya, try to catch the cat by following the scent of fish. When you reach 'the cat cannot be seen', go to the left.
  10. The Cook - Make Dothraki pie. When your cook presents you the choice, make the Dothraki pie.
  11. The Wanderer - Discover a hidden workshop. Play as Tyrion. When the cat appears, choose to catch it. Break walls until you find the Pyromancer.
  12. The Wild - Reunite the two wild friends. Play as Arya. Go to Winterfell then a soldier will ask if you want to go for a hunting expedition. Accept and do not keep on hunting until you meet Nymeria.
  13. The Pirate - meet the pirate. Play as Tyrion, you wiil mee the Pirate.
  14. The Aunt - discover a hidden Targaryen. Play as Jon, Let Sam tell you about your true parentage and accept the truth.
  15. The Brave - Win a battle against Dorne. Select to attack Dorne, then accept to lead the battle. Select first Archers, then Infantry, then Bribe.
  16. The Heretic - Look into Melisandre's fire. A handmaiden will ask you to meet someone she trust with her life. Accept.
  17. The Liege - Hear a Knight's oath. Play as Cersei. The knight will appear asking for you to hear his oath. Respond to him 'I vow'.
  18. The Bright - Find who is behind the Brown Walkers. Play as Tyrion, someone will ask about the Brown Walkers. Choose the Grand Maester.
  19. The Southerner - Win a battle against Winterfell. Select to attack Winterfell and accept to lead the battle. Select Infantry, then Archers for the wildlings, then Knight.
  20. The Champion - Win a tourney. During a tourney, choose to joust yourself. For weak opponents, attack. For the champion with a debt - choose bribe. For the pious champion - choose pray. For the champion with a dark past - select blackmail. For the sellsword champion - choose sabotage.
  21. The Prudent - bring the Dothraki back.
  22. The Orator - Give a speech. Select 'gather the men', and then make a speech.
  23. The Liar - Tell a convincing lie. Play as Tyrion, When Arya appears and ask you to play her 'game of faces', accept. When the courtesan appears, first she will ask why did you kill Shae, respond, and she will say 'you are bad at lying'. Say 'I hate myself'.
  24. The Believer - restore the Faith Militant. When a Faith Militant appears, choose not to kill him.
  25. The Wooer - Find a surprising husband. Play as Sansa. When Jaime is captured, imprison him. Ask him to marry you. Select 'I am a widow', 'I revoke your oath', 'it is my choice'.
  26. The Smith - Forge Valyrian steel. Play as Jon, after you get The Pirate, bring the dust to Sam. Just accept everything he says. Cards later, Sam will appear again saying he found the recipe for Valyrian steel. Let the forger forge Valyrian steel for you.
  27. The Legend - survive winter.
  28. The Nephew - Marry Daenerys. Play as Jon. Tell Sam you plan to ask Daenerys to marry you. When Daenerys appears, ask her to marry you and say 'because I love you'. Survive winter. Cards after, Daenerys will appear to marry you.
  29. The Vigorous - survive 20 moons.
  30. The Barnacle - survive 40 moons.
  31. The Great - survive 60 moons.
  32. The Ancient - survive 100 moons.
  33. The Judge - Attend Cersei's trial. Play as Jaime/Tyrion. When Cersei is been spotted, capture her. Go for the Trial of Cersei and execute her.
  34. The Firefly - Reveal who's hiding in the dungeon. Play as Tyrion. When the cat appears, choose to catch it. Break walls until you find the Pyromancer.
  35. The Tolerant - meet the courtesan. Play as Tyrion, the courtesan is Olliana, your Master of Coin.
  36. The Keeper - Retain Jaime's loyalty.
  37. The Legacy - Discover Littlefinger's legacy. Someone will approach you regarding a brothel with a huge hand symbol, call Tyrion.
  38. The Patron - Meet the sellsword.
  39. The Sharp - Unmask Gendry. Play as Arya. A blacksmith will appear saying there is an excess if iron. Tell to make more swords. The Master of Coin will then say the blacksmith is 'filth', disagree and unmask Gendry.
  40. The Friend - win her trust, win her games. Play as Gendry. After the Master of Whispers as you to step away, the 'secret' card is replaced with 'game'. Play the game of cards with Arya and choose the 3rd card, the 5th card then the 7th card.
  41. The Romance - Discover who has stolen you crown. Someone will ask if they will laundry for you. Accept. Then a missive regarding your stolen crown will play through. It is the laundress
  42. The Dove - achieve peace.
  43. The Studious - attend 3 small councils in a single reign.
  44. The Chef - recruit a surprising Master of Whisperers. As the name suggest, choose the chef/cook.
  45. The Witness - end a brotherly feud. Someone will say The Mountain has been killed. You will then discover it is The Hound.
  46. The General - defeat the army of the dead in battle. Choose Archers, Knights, Scorpion/Drogon
  47. The Stubborn - be at war during summer.
  48. The Traveler - start a journey to Casterly Rock. Play as either Tyrion/Cersei/Jaime. Someone will appear regarding two missives in Casterly Rock. Take interest and when the choice comes, choose to go there. Someone will dissuade you but choose 'Family first'.
  49. The Knight - Fight Lady Brienne. This can be unlocked at the Tourney. I did not choose any suggestions.
  50. The Escape - escape Casterly Rock. After The Traveler, you will be sent to the dungeons. The knight there is a traitor, not your Master of Coins.
  51. The Rich - Find gold under Casterly Rock. After The Escape, say that you find something glittering in the mines. Choose to mine the gold.
  52. The Mad Queen - Betray both your brothers.
  53. The Repentant - Construct Cersei's redemption. THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE BEFORE WINTER/UNLOCKING ALL CHARACTERS. In the Small Council, choose Projects, then Great Sept. The High Septon will ask you to rebuild the Great Sept. Accept and after that, he will ask who to name to. Choose 'The Great Sept of Cersei'
  54. The Fearless
  55. The Tall

Do you have any questions, corrections? Tell me thru the comments below!


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